Appearance DOES count !!

For many of your potential clients or customers your office or shop is the first point of contact. And first impressions count! 

What your potential clients or customers see, and therefore think about your business, will strongly influence their decision to buy from you.

We at A Helping Hand can help you impress and even attract people to your business by helping you have the cleanest, most professional looking office or shop possible.

Nothing tells a person that you’re on top of your game like having clean facilities!

Call us today to ask how we can help you with your facility.

Retail Shop Clean

While your customers are waiting to be served they are looking around, they see those cobwebs on the ceiling and around the air-con vents, they see the dust and dirt around the registers, under the counter and on the shelves.”

Preschools, Schools & Instructional Centers

Having a professionally cleaned environment can be the difference between parents sending their children to your center or the center down the road
Medical Offices

People expect their doctors’ rooms to be not only clean but sanitary. You expect your cleaner to know and understand the strict regulations and standards you operate under.
Full Office Cleans

Reception, waiting area, work stations, boardroom, kitchens, bathrooms, we can even monitor and stock toilet paper, hand towels, etc.